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GWC Harvest Sample Program 2023-24

Take the surprise out of marketing your grain!

Great Western Commodities would like to invite local producers who want to ship along the GWR line to bring in their grain samples for ‘FREE’ third party grading!

Drop off your samples at one of our participating loading facilities, arrange farm pick up by visiting our website or text  ‘HARVESTSAMPLING’ to 1-888-384-1395

GWC FREE Fall Harvest Sample Program – Why is it important to sample?

Know what’s in your bin!

We are great advocates for sampling your grain during harvest.  So many factors can affect the price for your grain and we want to help you make the best decisions and find the best price.  That’s why we offer ‘free third party’ grain sampling for producers that wish to move their grain along the GWR rail line.

Here are some of the advantages you will get from participating in our Fall Harvest Sample Program:

Quality Assurance: This will allow you to assess the quality of your grain before storage or sale. It helps identify any potential issues such as moisture content, foreign material, or damage that could affect the grain’s marketability and value.

Accurate Pricing: Grain quality significantly impacts its market price. With fall grain sampling, you can provide accurate information to buyers and receive the best dollar for your product.

Risk Mitigation: Fall grain sampling helps mitigate the risk of spoilage and financial losses due to poor-quality grain. Detecting issues early allows for timely intervention and reduces the chances of grain deterioration during storage.

Maintaining Reputation: Consistently delivering high-quality grain helps you maintain your reputation in the industry. Reliable quality builds trust with buyers and encourages repeat business, which is essential for long-term success.

Market Access: Some markets and export opportunities require grain to meet specific quality standards. Fall grain sampling will help you ensure that your products meets the required quality standards for domestic and international trade, thereby opening up access to premium markets and potentially higher prices.

Have your samples graded today!

Visit our website @

Or text ‘HARVESTSAMPLING’ to 1-888-384-1395 or send requests to Jenn at (306) 294-7232