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Making The Southwest Stronger

Great Western Commodities is a grain marketing company assisting producers along the Great Western Railway network to find the best value for their grain while supporting their local communities and opening unlimited worldwide marketing opportunities.

Identify Opportunities

Get more offers for your grain

Deliver Local

Support your local community

Ship Worldwide

Unlimited marketing opportunity


Bringing more grain marketing opportunities to producers in Southwest Saskatchewan

Great Western Commodities was formed in response to a growing number of requests for GWR to get involved in the coordination and/or buying and selling of grain in our trade area. Whether you are a grain buyer, producer, or end user, we are here to help you make the right connections.

  • Facilitate trades between buyers and sellers
  • Purchase grain from local producers
  • Quick payments, based on origin grades
  • Quality Assurance, onsite third-party grading
  • Licenced and bonded with the Canadian Grain Commission
  • Offer Fall Sampling Program