Wheat limit up again on news…

Wheat limit up again on news of Russian artillery striking a nuclear plant in Ukraine, no radiation leaks reported and reported to be under control. YIKES!
Groundhog day for wheat futures which continue to lock limit up for their 3rd consecutive day meaning expanding limits to remain in place at 75c for CBOT and KC. The March CBOT contract on small volume of 374 lots rallied by $2.30/bu to a near record high of $12.89/bu not seen since 2008.
Wheat buyers in MENA regions have been forced to look for alternative wheat suppliers following the Force Majeure declarations on Black Sea wheat.
Baltic origins as well as Aussie wheat have seen a flurry of enquiries and pushed APW FOB prices up to $410/mt for May and June shipments. Traders are of the opinion the stem will fill up with sales quickly through to August and some will miss out (first in best dressed). German 12.5% FOB wheat was reportedly traded at €34/mt over Matif May futures for spot shipment which equates to around USD442/mt. French 11.5 MW was reportedly traded at €19/mt over May futures which is USD426/mt.

Mpls wheat +60 September forward contracts off limit now at +57/+53/+45
KC wheat +75 Limit up all the way out to March 23
Chic wheat +75 Limit up to September 22
Matif wheat +22
Canola -1
Rapeseed +12
Soybeans +13
Soybean oil -46
Crude +381
Corn +30
CAD -56